Happy International Women’s Day – is it time for a detox?

Happy International Women’s Day – is it time for a detox?

The term detoxification has a negative connotation for many people. There are various ways to do a “detox” and different products to help aid the liver and kidney in clearly debris. We use the word detox in conjunction with stopping drugs and alcohol for example. Everyone could use a detox at one point or another, though.

Why would I suggest a detox in conjunction with International Women’s Day?

When we embark on wanting to do a detox, it often means we want to be rid of one thing to make room for something better in our lives. Clearer skin. Skinner hips. More energy. An organized, decluttered kitchen.

As a wife, mother, business owner, physician and daughter, I often say “my plate if full.” Juggling responsibilities means making sacrifices, and it’s all too easy to let our health go in favour of the above. We owe it to ourselves to “detox” or be rid of something negative in our lives because it makes room for something better to come.

So what will I be rid of today to start my detox?

  1. Too much coffee. If I need to drink coffee, it means I’m not getting enough rest. If I do enjoy a coffee, it has to be organic. Coffee is very heavily sprayed as a crop and is a major hormone disruptor.
  2. Material items I no longer use. Shoes I once wore to go out on weekends aren’t too practical while juggling a one year old. Perhaps a woman looking to start a new career will appreciate some nice new dress shoes for an interview.
  3. Negative people. Stress affects the body negatively in so many ways. Our shoulders become tight, our heart races. Negativity can form a constant source of stress in our lives.
  4. Sugar. One of the most addictive foods is in just about everything processed. Sometimes I opt for an anti-candida diet or start another Whole 30.
  5. Pressure to do/be something different. It’s enough to be the best we can but look towards being a healthier version of ourselves.

I was standing the kitchen the other day. A good friend of mine was visiting, and I accidentally broke a mug. We were talking about changes we wanted to make in our lives, and she said: “see, you just broke away from something you didn’t need in your life.” The mug represented some negative energy. Three days later, something very positive happened!

Happy International Women’s Day. Take today to commit to a detox to make room for something better!

Dr. Cathryn Coe, ND, owner, MDNC

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