Food Sensitivities – Are you eating the right foods for YOUR body?

Food Sensitivities – Are you eating the right foods for YOUR body?

Have you ever wondered whether you are eating the right foods for your body?

If you experience bloating, indigestion, water retention, headaches, weight gain and skin conditions (such as eczema) this could be a sign that you have food sensitivities. Food sensitives are caused by the immune molecule IgG, which is different from food allergies.

The underlying cause of food sensitivities is poor digestion. Stress, eating too much of a specific food, drinking lots of fluids with our meals, eating on the go and certain medications can lead to poorly digested foods. The improperly digested food molecules pass through the digestive tract triggering inflammation of the intestinal lining. This inflammation can create larger spaces, or ‘gaps’ between the cells that line our digestive tract. These gaps allow food proteins to trigger an immune response, in the form of IgG antibodies. These IgG antibodies bind to the food molecule creating an antibody-antigen complex. If these complexes accumulate they can deposit in tissues, triggering inflammation.

Once these antibodies have been created it leaves behind a blueprint to trigger a reaction each time we ingest that food. How can you overcome this reaction?

  1. Identify food sensitivities. This can be done through a simple blood test or fingerpick.
  2. Eliminate specific foods while taking the appropriate supplements to improve digestion function, allowing for better food breakdown.
  3. Use therapeutic nutrients, herbs or specific foods to promote healing of the digestive lining.
  4. Reintroduce foods in a way that will prevent food reactions.

We offer comprehensive IgG and IgA allergy testing and individualized nutrition plans through our naturopathic physicians and certified nutritional practitioner. Many extended healthcare plans cover testing and treatments.

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