Hair Loss Help – Is healthy regrowth possible?

Hair Loss Help – Is healthy regrowth possible?

Hair loss can be a debilitating concern for both men and women. Sometimes hair loss can be hereditary, especially for men. Hair loss is one of the 3 top complaints I have from women when they enter into menopause. Hair thinning at the front of the scalp, or generalized hair thinning, are both common. There are several things to consider. With hormone changes, fluctuations in estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA can decrease the receptiveness of the hair follicle, decreasing stimulation of growth. Sex hormones also affect the function of the thyroid gland, specifically T3. This is why weight gain can also be more common in menopause. In younger patients, nutritional deficiencies, particularly ferritin, can cause rapid hair loss. Stress can also decrease function of the thyroid gland, furthering the loss.

Through comprehensive thyroid and hormone testing, our Naturopathic Physicians can help to determine the cause of your hair loss, and provide a safe and effective treatment plan.

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