Wrinkles | I know they are a normal process but how can I diminish them?

Wrinkles | I know they are a normal process but how can I diminish them?

Looking good & feeling good!

As mentioned before, getting wrinkles is a normal aging process. However many of us don’t enjoy the way they make us look, especially if their onset seems too early on in life. The reason they appear is because as we age our levels of collagen and elastin in our skin decrease. Select naturopathic physicians, including Dr. Belinda Capera MD (Colombia), ND, have additional training in cosmetic acupuncture. Cosmetic acupuncture is a technique where acupuncture needles are used to help reduce the look of wrinkles. Other treatment options include, but not limited to,  Botox/Xeomin,  Dermal fillers: Juviderm/ Revanesse/ Belotero, Chemical peels, IV therapy and  nutritional supplementation to improve the health of your skin.

Dr. Belinda Capera understands that the way we look on the outside can impact the way we feel on the inside. She will help discover why you are experiencing a variety of hair and skin conditions. She will support the root reason for your hair and skin conditions so that you can have lasting effects so that you can get back to looking and feeling your best!

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