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What’s New for February at Marine Drive Naturopathic Clinic

February is a month to celebrate all matters related to the heart – it’s Valentine’s Day and Heart Health Awareness month. Have you every wondered what dietary changes will be effective in improving your heart health? We have all heard that saturated fats and salt can increase blood pressure and increase your risk of atherosclerosis, but what about caffeine? Sugars? What is your metabolic rate? We are pleased to offer Nutrigenomix testing, a new saliva test to measure 44 markers related to your cardiovascular and metabolic health. This test has been popular with new and long standing patients to determine the following:

-what should of nutritional plan should I follow in order to optimize weight loss?
-is my caffeine consumption affecting my heart health?
-do I need to increase the amount of omega 3 fats I have in my diet?
-am I genetically prone to being deficient in Vitamin D, C, E or calcium?
-do I have a slow, moderate or fast metabolic rate?

Talk to one of our doctor’s about Nutrigenomix testing and whether it’s right for you!

We are also pleased to be offering SIBO testing (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) through SIBO Canada. If you suffer from IBS, digestive upset, insulin resistance, determining whether or not you have SIBO will help to determine the possible cause of your symptoms. This is a breath test which takes apporx. 3 hours to complete at home. Offered at $220.00.

Dr. Cathryn Coe, ND will be taking maternity leave from February 1st through May (return date TBD). Her patients may see any one of the other doctor’s at the clinic in her absence.