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Weight Loss Program in North Vancouver

Dr. Cathryn Coe, ND has over 12 years of experience helping patients to look and feel their best. She is pleased to welcome two new practitioners to her team to help you reach your weight loss goals with our new weight loss support. Marine Drive Naturopathic offers weight loss support
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Dr Coe

Fatigue, Weight Gain, Hair Loss. Is your thyroid to blame?

Have you ever wondered why some individuals are able to lose weight with diet and exercise, and other individuals cannot lose weight despite a disciplined program? Are you experiencing thinning hair, loss of lateral third of the eyebrows, mental fogginess and low sex drive? Have you h
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Balance your blood sugar and lose weight for good

We are a society obsessed with our weight and body image. We often count calories and eagerly look at the scale, hoping that those last 5 pounds can be shed with eating 3 lettuce leaves a day. Balancing your blood sugar is important for preventing diabetes and heart disease, maintaini
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Suffering from alopecia?

Alopecia is a condition whereby hair loss occurs in small patches or over larger areas of the scalp. It can present as inflammatory (dry, itchy, scaly areas accompany the hair loss) or simply patches of hair loss from an otherwise healthy scalp.  Hair loss can also occur with drops in
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Can’t Sleep? Solutions for Insomnia

Insomnia is a common condition whereby a person has difficulty falling asleep (sleep latency insomnia) or staying asleep (sleep maintenance insomnia). Poor sleep has been linked with elevated blood sugar, weight gain, heart disease and impedes the function of the immune system. Here a
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Mesotherapy – a solution for stubborn belly fat…

Mesotherapy is a technique which helps to break down fatty deposits in areas that don’t respond well to exercise. First performed in France about 60 years ago, mesotherapy involves the injection of a phosphatidyl choline and l-carnitine solution into affected areas. After the ap
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Is your thyroid normal?

Question: I have been experiencing weight gain, thinning hair, depression and water retention. My thyroid tests are coming back normal but I still feel something is wrong. What can I do? Answer: The thyroid gland is influenced by many factors in our body. Stress, the wrong food choice
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Acne and hair loss at 40?

Question: I just celebrated my 40th birthday and I have embarassing acne on my face. Shouldn’t I be done with pimples? My hairdresser has also noticed my hair is thinning…..help! Answer: You are likely suffering from high levels of testosterone. Some women will have high levels
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Are hormones wrecking you metabolism?

Question: I count my calories, exercise 5 days a week, and see no pay off on the scale. What’s wrong? I have been checked for hypothyroidism and the tests are all fine. Answer: Stresses in our environment and toxins in our diet can shift our hormones in the wrong direction. The first
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