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5 Ways Acupuncture Helps Create A Lasting New Year Resolution

5 Ways Acupuncture Helps Create  A  Lasting  New Year Resolution Happy New Year! As the New Year begins, many of us are making resolutions, and hoping to achieve goals. But, it isn’t always easy. How can we stay determined until the goals are reached? How can we have strong will-power
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Cupping treatment

Try a cupping treatment during this holiday season!

The benefits of cupping treatment include local pain relief and muscle relaxation. Cupping improves overall health by removing the energy blockages that TCM practitioners identify as barriers to the flow of healthy energy or qi. For athletes, cupping may help increase blood flow to a
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Emily Graydon Massage & Immunity

Massage therapy is an excellent tool to boost your immunity!

  The reason massage is beneficial for immunity is the very same reason why I am compelled to work as a massage therapist. It is simple. Innate and uncomplicated. Our bodies are our wisest teachers, and by taking care of them, we activate our own capacity to heal. By experiencing
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Balance your blood sugar and lose weight for good

We are a society obsessed with our weight and body image. We often count calories and eagerly look at the scale, hoping that those last 5 pounds can be shed with eating 3 lettuce leaves a day. Balancing your blood sugar is important for preventing diabetes and heart disease, maintaini
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Itchy Skin?

Itchy skin can have a variety of causes: eczema, allergic reactions to medications, cold weather, dermatitis, or liver disorders. If you have had itchy skin or pruritis for some time, you will know that corticosteroid creams or prednisone are often given as a means of supressing the i
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Ticks, spasms, and other disorders of the nervous system

Involuntary movements, speech, and other symptoms of the nervous system can be uncomfortable physically and socially. These symptoms may arise after a stressful event, a new medication, or even with changes in hormones. These overreactions of the nervous system often happen without kn
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Help for chronic sinusitis sufferers….

Cold weather brings with it an increased incidence of colds and flu. For those of you that suffer from sinusitis, this time of year can cause months of infection and several rounds of antibiotics. Have you ever wondered why your sinuses are continually inflamed? The immune cells that
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Manage your Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches are often debilitating headaches that can last for several days. Sometimes preceding by an aura, these headaches can cause sensitivity to light and sound, nausea, vomiting, and even diarrhea. If prescription medications are started early enough, they can often halt
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Suffering from alopecia?

Alopecia is a condition whereby hair loss occurs in small patches or over larger areas of the scalp. It can present as inflammatory (dry, itchy, scaly areas accompany the hair loss) or simply patches of hair loss from an otherwise healthy scalp.  Hair loss can also occur with drops in
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Itchy scalp? There is help!

Itchy scalp and dandruff can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing problem. Shampoos and lotions can temporarily provide relief, but the problem often persists or stops responding to topical agents. Naturopathically, we view skin problems originating from diet and stress. Chronic poor
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