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What do weight gain, hair loss, acne and infertility have in common? They may be caused by Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome…

Polycystic ovarian syndrome affects 5-10% of women in North America. Typically diagnosed by the presence of multiple cysts on the ovaries, PCOS is now diagnosed with a wider criteria. Symptoms can include cysts on the ovaries, acne, infertility, facial hair growth, irregular or absent
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Celebrating Naturopathic Medicine Week May 9th to 15th

Naturopathic Medicine Week celebrates Naturopathic Medicine across Canada. Marine Drive Naturopathic Clinic is offering special pricing on metabolic shots and vitamin IV’s for new and existing patients. Experience the benefits of vitamin IV therapy with 20% off all IV’s an
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We are pleased to now offer counselling services….

Marine Drive Naturopathic Clinic is pleased to now offer counseling services with Dr. Vibeke Vaerum, Ph.D., Clinical Counselor. Dr. Vaerum is offering an introductory rate until the end of April for new clients to her practice. Please note that Dr. Vaerum will conduct a 15 minute phon
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Five things to think about to lower your blood sugar (and reduce your risk of diabetes)…

An elevated fasting blood sugar level, or elevated hemoglobin A1C, is often the first sign of diabetes or blood sugar elevation. Blood sugar levels can be chronically elevated with little or no symptoms presenting in some cases. Naturopathic Medicine offers a wide variety of approache
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Wellness Wednesdays 10% off IV therapy and metabolic shots

Book an appointment for a vitamin IV on Wednesdays and receive 10% off your treatment OR book a metabolic shot for only $25 (regular price $35) *please note that new patients wishing to receive either therapy must have a brief, one time visit to assess suitability of therapy. IV treat
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Experiencing Mindfulness Meditation – Dr. Vibeke Vaerum, Ph.D.

I had the pleasure of speaking on mindfulness meditation at Capilano University recently.  Staff and students were curious, engaged, and willing to participate in guided meditations.  I will share a small part of my talk here.   Let us start by talking about every day irritations
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What’s New for February….

What’s new for February? With the holidays far behind us now, it’s time to think about a New Year’s cleanse or a detox. One of the most effective ways to detoxify the body and give the digestive system a break from rich and heavy foods is to make a daily protein shak
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Wondering how to reboot your diet for the New Year? Here are a few things to consider…

Wondering how to reboot your diet for the New Year? Here are a few things to consider… If you’re looking at the New Year as a chance for a fresh start, your diet is one of the best places to begin. Our eating habits are like friends at a party – why not just invite another (pota
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Evening Lecture with Dr. McIntyre – Stress and It’s Effects on the Brain

Join Dr. McIntyre for the free evening lecture on “Stress and It’s Effects on the Brain.” Take home information includes: how stress effects your brain – acute vs. chronic how chronic stress can be measured key brain chemicals for a healthy brain stress managem
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What’s New at Marine Drive Naturopathic?

New Newsletter, New Website, New Look! Our new website has launched. If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you already know we have a new website. It is smartphone friendly, easy to use, lists new programs at the clinic. We invite you to take a look around, meet the team, and let u
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