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5 tips to help you stay hydrated this summer

5 Ways To Stay Hydrated This Summer The weather is heating up which means our need for hydration has increased. Reaching for sugary, caffeine fills drinks might sound delicious, but caffeine actually further dehydrates you! Here are my top 5 recommendations to improve your hydration:
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Coaching for Brain Health and Happiness – Dr. Vibeke Vaerum, Ph.D.

Coaching for Brain Health & Happiness A lack of positive resources (positive emotion, character strengths, and meaning) can create an empty life and cause depression. A recent definition of “happiness” from the growing field of Positive Psychology involves experiencing positive em
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Male hormones

Poor libido? Depression? Loss of muscle mass? Consider a Male Hormone Panel…

Our hormones change throughout our lives, and this contributes greatly to our quality of life. A lot of focus is placed in the media on female hormones, hot flashes, and the effects of menopause in women. Men also experience changes in hormone levels, often termed andropause. Some of
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Dr Coe

5 things to consider about the health of your thyroid gland…

I recently took in a 3 day conference at UBC this past June. The topic was hormonal health and the thyroid gland.  For a practitioner who works a lot with thethe endocrine system (hormones), the conference make me consider the health of the thyroid gland with a new perspective. The th
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Boost your physical endurance and metabolism with a Metabolic shot…

We strive to consume a diet rich in nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables, but various factors can affect our ability to absorb these nutrients. Certain medications can deplete the body of b vitamins, and a diet high in processed foods offers little to no nutritional value. If you enjo
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A Natural Approach to athlete’s foot and other causes of itchy skin in the summer…

Summer is in full swing, and the warmer weather often aggravates skin conditions such as dermatitis, Tinea pedis (foot fungus), jock itch in men or yeast infections in women. Both men and women will often notice itchy skin in areas such as under the arms, under breast tissue, and behi
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What’s new for July?

We are excited that summer has arrived and are pleased to be offering evening hours both on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please note that Dr. Miller will be continuing her special for acupuncture treatments into July (save $60 when you purchase 4 acupuncture treatments). Dr. Miller is fo
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Doctor Cameron McIntyre BSc ND

Wound Healing – Are you having issues? Consider a Naturopathic approach…

Wound Healing – Are you having issues? Consider a Naturopathic approach… By Dr. Cameron McIntyre, BSc, ND While this is not often discussed in blog or article circles, this topic is of significant importance, especially for our senior patient base. Issues with wound healing aris
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Summer is Coming, is Your Eczema Ready to Take a Vacation?

Summer is Coming, is Your Eczema Ready to Take a Vacation? Eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin condition with periods of exacerbation and remission. Although each kind of eczema presents differently among patients, they all have the same cause. It is typically found on the hands, fa
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Manage Your Stress with Acupuncture – May/June Program

This month we will be launching a new “Manage your Stress” program with Dr. Elizabeth Miller, ND. Starting Thursdays, May 19th, Dr. Miller will be taking appointments for acupuncture sessions. Are you feeling exhausted? Overwhelmed? Are the days too short to accomplish eve
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