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3 ways Naturopathic Medicine can help your child right now

3 ways Naturopathic Medicine can help your child right now!

As we are fully immersed in our winter season now with the holidays in the rear view mirror, I thought it important to touch on these 3 themes at this time of year: 1. Immune system We are right in the eye of the storm of cold and flu season and some are fairing well while others are
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Discover why Myers' Cocktail is one of our best sellers Iv Therapy

Discover why Myers’ Cocktail is our most popular IV Therapy!

Did you know, that Intravenous Therapy was pioneered by Dr. John Myers, thus the reason behind the formulation which is commonly referred to as the “Myers’ Cocktail”? The Myers Cocktail, generally consists of a blend of water-soluble vitamins, and minerals administered by an intraveno
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Acupuncture Therapy with Youna Kim

Acupuncture therapy can help strengthen your immune system to prevent illness

Have you ever heard about preventive acupuncture?  On the human body surface, there are numberless acupuncture points that are connected with the central nervous system, and internal organs. When an acupuncturist puts a needle on a specific point, the needle stimulates, and strengthen
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Emily Graydon Massage & Immunity

Massage therapy is an excellent tool to boost your immunity!

  The reason massage is beneficial for immunity is the very same reason why I am compelled to work as a massage therapist. It is simple. Innate and uncomplicated. Our bodies are our wisest teachers, and by taking care of them, we activate our own capacity to heal. By experiencing
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Supplements: how do you select a good one from the multitude available?

Do you walk into a health food store and get intimidated by aisles of supplements? Do you have trouble knowing what to look for when purchasing a supplement? This is a common concern of many consumers as selecting the right supplement can be challenging!  Herbal or nutritional supplem
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Open House

Open house, new practitioners and more

Open house, new practitioners and more I am pleased to welcome an exciting new team of practitioners to the clinic this year. We will now be offering a wide variety of services to help you with your health care goals, including: Registered Massage Therapy Acupuncture including cosmeti
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5 natural ways to prevent colds and flus this season

5 natural ways to prevent colds and flus this season Written by: Cathryn Coe, ND Cold and flu season seems to have come early this year! This I have seen many cases involving sinus congestion and deep, unproductive coughs. Here are my 5 top health tips to prevents a cold or flu: 1. In
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Boost you Immune System Now! It’s not too late….

Marine Drive Naturopathic Clinic Blog By Dr. Cameron McIntyre, ND Boost Your Immune System Now! It’s not too late! The cold and flu season is still bearing down on us even as spring shows signs of approaching here on the West Coast. It is common at change of season that viral loads in
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