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Healthy Pregnancies Need Good Nutrition

Healthy Pregnancies Need Good Nutrition – By Dr. Lynn Klassen, ND Nutrition is one of the most important factors throughout a pregnancy that determines the health and happiness of both Mom and Baby. The nutritional needs of Mom dramatically increase and require more thoughtful d
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IV Nutrient Therapy vs Supplements

IV Nutrient Therapy vs. Nutrition and Supplements

IV Nutrient Therapy: The Benefits Why would I need to get nutrients from IV Nutrient Therapy when I should be getting them from the food I eat? Ideally we would all be getting everything our body needs from the food we are eating. If we aren’t, the next step is to add in specific and
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Dr Lynne Klassen ND North Vancouver

The Preconception Year – Dr. Lynn Klassen, ND

The Preconception Year Getting pregnant rarely goes how you think it should go. Sometimes it happens easily and unexpectedly. Other times it just doesn’t happen, and not for a lack of effort. Some things are not under our control. Thinking about getting pregnant, ideally, would includ
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Coming soon … Healthy Baby, Happy Moms Program!

Exciting news! Healthy baby, happy moms program soon to be rolled out at MDNC! Just starting to consider getting pregnant? Difficulty getting pregnant? Miscarriage? New mom worried about being a new mom? I am in the process of developing a full spectrum program that will cover all pha
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Exploring Lyme Disease – A Hidden Epidemic

Exploring Lyme Disease – A Hidden Epidemic by Dr. Lynn Klassen, ND  Lyme disease has been a hot topic in the news lately with many celebrities like Avril Lavigne and Yolanda Foster disclosing their diagnosis. Even with all of this publicity many people still don’t know about th
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