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3 ways Naturopathic Medicine can help your child right now

3 ways Naturopathic Medicine can help your child right now!

As we are fully immersed in our winter season now with the holidays in the rear view mirror, I thought it important to touch on these 3 themes at this time of year: 1. Immune system We are right in the eye of the storm of cold and flu season and some are fairing well while others are
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Melatonin Not Just for Sleep

Most of us have heard that melatonin is commonly used to combat insomnia and sleep disorders. Did you know that this hormone is deemed as an ultimate anti-oxidant? Oxidation, which produces damaging free radicals, is caused by stress to our bodies. Stressors can come from unhealthy li
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Pain relief -bowen therapy

Wondering about your neurotransmitter levels?

Neurotransmitters are chemicals produced by the brain that elicit certain movements, functions or feelings. Neurotransmitters perform specific functions that allow for such things as movement, memory, mood, learning, appetite, and pain perception. Marine Drive Naturopathic clinic is p
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