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Spring Detox – Dr. Sarah Wulkan, ND

Spring Detox

Spring is here and after a brutal winter, I can’t wait to shelve some winter “bad habits”! I have hit the reset button and feel energized to give my liver a vacation from working so hard having to detox all the wine, rich winter foods and sweets!

The detox program I chose is only 10 days long and I have joined forces with a friend for extra motivation and recipe swapping. Once these nutritional culprits are out of our system, I am excited to design a long-term health care plan to keep the momentum going through the summer!

A detox may be key if you are experiencing the following:
• Unexplained fatigue
• Sluggish elimination
• Irritated skin
• Allergies
• Low-grade infection
• Puffy eyes or bags under the eyes
• Bloating
• Menstrual problems
• Mental confusion

Here are some benefits from a detox plan:
• Boost energy
• Cleanse the liver
• Promote skin health
• Aid in weight loss
• Clearer thinking
• Strengthens the immune system

If you are ready to jump into spring with more energy and clarity, a detox program may be for you. May an appointment with Dr. Sarah Wulkan to determine the most suitable and safe detox program for you.