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September Stress and Back to School

September Stress Back to School Copiing StrategiesYou did it! You made it through the summer, and now it is time for back to school. Sounds exciting, right? Life will fall back into the school year routine. However, the grass is always greener, and the stress that comes with back to school is just around the corner.

Stress levels can peak during the back to school season. The to-do list becomes extensive. However, one of the greatest challenges that comes our way, are the ones that are unforeseen; we don’t even think to put them on the to-do list.

Anxiety and hesitations are ever present components of new situations. The emotion of fear exists to prepare us for the best outcome possible in any given situation. The problem lies in stress that goes unacknowledged, unchecked, or unbridled.

When faced with fear or discomfort- ie. Which teacher(s) will my child have? Will my child succeed in academics? How is my child going to navigate the world of peers?- it can be helpful to face it head on. Notice that the fear exists. Just paying attention to the feeling can help to decrease its power. Then follow up with coping strategies to help soothe the body’s discomfort, such as taking a deep breath with a long, slow exhale, going on a walk, listening to a favorite piece of music, or laughing with family or friends.

And if that doesn’t seem to work, seeking outside help early on, such as meeting with a clinical counsellor, can provide preventative support that will have you feeling confident in your ability to manage life stressors as they pop-up, as they inevitably will. Taking care of yourself is the first step to taking care of the world around you. Namaste.

by Brandys Evans M.A., RCC

Brandy Evans is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and holds office hours Mondays and Thursdays.