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Refresh Your Life in 2017 with EMDR

Refresh Your Life in 2017 with EMDR
By Jennifer McClarty, RCC

Would you like to make some positive changes in the new year? If your resolutions for 2017 include improving your lifestyle, energy, mood, or self-confidence in some way, then EMDR could help you reach your goals.
EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, and it is an effective form of therapy for many wellness issues. It gets to the root cause of issues such as low mood or confidence by helping the mind and body heal from negative experiences that impact how you feel. When you have had a negative experience (such as growing up with a critical parent), you may have tried to make sense of it by forming negative beliefs about yourself (“I am not good enough” is a very common one). Long after the experience, you may carry these beliefs with you and they can continue to make you feel low, especially when faced with stress.
This is where EMDR comes in. An EMDR therapist uses guided eye movements or hand tapping to stimulate both sides of the brain, which activates the brain and body’s natural ability to re-process bad experiences so that they no longer bother you as much. The memories still exist, but they lose their power over you: you no longer feel so upset by them, and you see that the negative beliefs you formed are not really true. Many people feel refreshed and liberated after doing even just a few sessions of EMDR, and experience long-term positive results.
If you would like to refresh your life in 2017, consider doing EMDR.

Jennifer McClarty is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who practices EMDR. She offers free 15-minute phone consults to help you determine what may work best for you. Many extended healthcare plans cover the costs of sessions with a Registered Clinical Counsellor.