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Programs and Services

  • Weight Loss Program

    Fall weight loss program: We have introduced a brand new weight loss program to provide individualized, safe and healthy weight loss. It includes: 60 minute consultation with Jessica Mosiuk, our RHN. Your visit will include recipes, meal planning, and grocery lists. Weekly b complex injections for 6 weeks Weekly check in with Jessica to assess diet and nutrition status. Cost: $375 including consult and b complex injections Add on: weekly vitamin IV’s, but 5, get the 6th for free. Counting calories? Exercising five days a week? Trying the latest fad diet? These tactics may prove beneficial for some but the quick results are often not lasting ones. Several conditions can cause difficulty losing weight:
    • Undiagnosed hypothyroidism
    • Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone imbalance
    • Food sensitivities
    • Inflammation
    • Insulin resistance
    Our weight loss program is designed to identify the obstacles preventing you from weight loss, including hormone testing, thyroid testing, food sensitivity testing, insulin testing. Based on your results, our physicians can devise an effective and easy-to-follow plan to help you reach you’re a healthy weight with lasting benefits.
  • Back To School Progam

    IMG_1904Back-to-school health is important at any age, whether it’s the first day of grade one, university or a career change. The focus of the Back-to-School health program is to strengthen the immune system, enhance mental focus and improve energy throughout the day. The Back-to-School Program, launching in September, involves nutritional and supplemental support for changing seasons and a busy schedule. If indicated, the doctor may choose to do one or more of the following tests: allergy testing, hair element testing, organic acid testing, GI profile and neurotransmitter testing. Receive suggestions for healthy lunches, tips on how to prevent a cold or flu at onset or ease away social or test anxieties.
  • Healthy Hormones, Healthy Thyroid Program

    Are your hormones to blame? Our thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormones play an important role in our metabolism, mood, energy, sleep and overall quality of life. Whether you are experiencing weight gain since menopause, hot flashes, low energy or simply feeling sluggish. Receive comprehensive testing for sex hormones, thyroid hormones and/or stress hormones and an individualized treatment plan to address your health concerns. Patients participating in the healthy hormone program may benefit from weekly vitamin shots, and individualized eating plans based on hormone levels and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy if indicated.
  • Pain Management Program

    MDNPC_009Dealing with pain, whether acute or chronic, can be debilitating and interfere with our daily life activities and enjoyment. It’s the number one reason for patients to seek medical care. It affects our mood and cognition, the quality and quantity of our sleep, our immune system and our overall function. Most importantly, it compromises the healing. What is traditionally being practiced in conventional medicine is long term medication therapy, especially the use of painkillers, opioids, central nervous system depressants, and stimulants. The potential risk with this long term treatment is the development of drug tolerance, increased pain sensitivity and, worst of all, addiction. In Naturopathic medicine, however, we look at the pain as a sign of imbalance in one or more areas of the body. Therefore, to control and eliminate the pain, we have to identify the underlying factors contributing to the pain, treat them one by one and eventually eliminate the source(s) of the discomfort and the pain. Tissue injury and degeneration, uncontrolled inflammation, physiological imbalances and toxic accumulation are major contributors to the pain, therefore a detailed and careful assessment is vital. Our unique and effective Pain Management Program offers a comprehensive approach to effectively treat underlying cause(s), bringing healing to the affected tissues and successfully removing the pain with sustainable relief and recovery. In order to do that, our doctors will design a customized pain management program utilizing a variety and combination of techniques. This will include individualized naturopathic modalities (i.e. nutrition, lifestyle change, botanicals, homeopathic preparations, supplements) integrated with advanced therapies such as Bowen therapy, Neural therapy, Neuralprolotherapy, Biopuncture therapy, and acupuncture. This combinational treatment is aimed to control and prevent worsening of the condition, to promote healing and to expedite the repair of damaged tissues and to manage and treat the pain. Once the pain is under control, the next attempt will be to maintain a pain free life style and prevent future pain. Many patients often experience pain reduction and improved mobility immediately or within a few hours of treatment, while still working on the underlying issues.
  • Immune Boosting Program

    IMG_3045Do you or your child frequently get sick with a long recovery time? Do you seem to catch a cold easily from people you come into contact with? Are you looking for an alternative to the flu shot? Prevention is your best strategy! Catch it before it catches you! How? By boosting and strengthening your immune system! Fall is the time of the year for students to go back to school, for parents to do the prep for their children’s return to school and return to work and routine for most of us. It is also the preceding season for respiratory complaints including cold and flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, and sinusitis. We need a strong immune system, our body’s defense mechanism, to defend us against invasion of microbes as well as keeping us strong to do our daily tasks. By registering for our Immune Boosting program, you and your family members will receive the best evidence-based natural approaches in preparing you just before the flu season begins. In this program, we use variety of preventive approaches such as homeopathic preparations (injectable, oral), dietary guidelines, herbal medicine and vitamin/mineral supplements to boost your immune system and protect you against microbial invaders. Our approach is safe and effective for everybody including children, and has little to no known side effects or contraindications. Keeping you healthy and happy is our expertise; let us guide you in this direction. Our Immune Boosting program is designed to help you to overcome frequent colds and flu and keep you healthy throughout the year. The following services can be integrated as part of this program:
    • Homeopathic immune boosting shot
    • Vitamin injections and vitamin IV therapy and
    • Assessment of vitamin D status
    • Herbal and vitamin supplements to support the areas of the body that are susceptible to colds and flu, such as herbs to support lung health or sinus health.
    If standard support does not prevent colds and flu, your doctor may recommend a food sensitivity panel to determine underlying challenges to the immune system.
  • Complete List of Programs

    • Fertility and pregnancy support
    • Biomedical treatment and approach to autism and spectrum disorders
    • Perimenopause and menopause protocols
    • Arthritis and joint health
    • Cognitive function including dementia and Alzheimer’s
    • Weight loss
    • Naturopathic cancer support
    • IBS and bowel disorders
    • Eczema, psoriasis , acne and rosacea protocols
    • Pediatric health
    • Comprehensive thyroid treatment
    • Stress management
    • Sports Medicine Recovery

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  • Naturopathic Medicine

    Naturopathic Physicians are trained primary physicians, meaning that they have the ability to diagnose and treatment many health conditions. Although pharmaceutical prescriptions are an available method of treatment for ND’s, we use a wide variety of tools and modalities to help the patient to feel better and determine possible causes for the problem including:
  • Holistic Nutrition

    Holistic nutrition is a special combination of modern science and time-tested wisdom based on the philosophy that each person has unique nutritional requirements.
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

    Bio-identical hormone therapy offered in North Van Bio-identical hormones are compounded by pharmacists who create a cream or pill that releases a hormone very similar to the chemical make-up of the body’s natural hormones. The safest and most effective way to use these hormones is through first undergoing salivary or urine tests to first determine your hormone levels. With this information, our doctors can prescribe a treatment protocol to effectively bring your hormones back into balance and relieve your symptoms. If you have a family history of hormonal cancers, smoke, drink alcohol in excess, have a clotting disorder, or have cardiovascular disease, this treatment option may not be right for you. Our doctors will educate you on herbal options that also can be used as an alternative to bio-identical hormones. Testing prior to starting hormones involves the use of a saliva or urine collection kit. Results take approximately two weeks to be processed. Many extended health care plans will reimburse both the cost of the test (under Naturopathic Medicine coverage) and the prescription itself (covered as a compounded drug prescription). Some symptoms which may benefit from hormone testing include:
    • difficulty losing weight
    • insomnia
    • hot flashes
    • night sweats
    • vaginal dryness
    • low sex drive
    • hair loss
    • acne
    • infertility
    • painful periods
    • PMS
    • breast tenderness/cysts
    • heavy periods
    • acne
    • thyroid conditions
    The safest and most effective way to treat hormonal imbalance is through proper testing and the right treatment prescription. Thinking about hormone therapy? Call Marine Drive Naturopathic Clinic at 604-929-5772 to learn more.
  • Acupuncture

    Acupuncture is the ancient technique of treating both localized symptoms (such as knee pain) and generalized conditions (such as insomnia) by balancing out the flow of energy in the body. A typical acupuncture session lasts 30 minutes and is customized to treat the individual complaint of the patient. It is most effective if done once a week for several weeks. Relax on our adjustable treatment tables and listen to soothing music while you experience the benefits of this widely used treatment. Some conditions which may benefit from regular acupuncture treatments:
    • anxiety
    • depression
    • insomnia
    • pain in muscles and joints
    • muscle tension
    • menstrual issues
    • infertility
    • IBS
    • indigestion
    • nerve pain and neurological conditions
    • headaches
    • sports injuries
    • low back pain
    For acupuncture treatment, contact 604-929-5772


  • Vitamin IV Therapy

    Chairs for IV TherapyVitamin IV therapy is a form of intravenous therapy involving doses of vitamins and minerals much higher than is typically found in a vitamin supplement. Oral vitamins often upset the stomach if taken without sufficient food, or can interact with other prescriptions if taken too close together. IV vitamin treatments can be modified based on a specific ailment (such as boosting the immune system) or can be done on a regular basis for general health. Vitamin IV therapy treatments can last anywhere from 20 to 90 minutes, depending on the size and ingredients of the IV bag.
    • Vitamin IV therapy (often termed a Myer’s cocktail) can be beneficial for the following conditions:
    • frequent colds and flu
    • chronic fatigue / fibromyalgia
    • allergies / asthma
    • cancer treatment support
    • conditions causing poor nutrient absorption (Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, Celiac disease)
    • autoimmune diseases such as SLE (lupus) and rheumatoid arthritis
    • sinusitis and upper respiratory conditions
    A vitamin IV can also be a great energy boost before a day of sports and exercise, for supporting the immune system before or after travelling, or improving mental focus and stamina for a busy day at work.
  • Mesotherapy

    Mesotherapy was developed over 50 years ago in France as a method of spot fat-reduction. Phosphatidylcholine, a compound found in soy and other foods, helps to dissolve fat. When injected into fat-storing areas, the fatty deposit shrinks and inches can be lost from the waist, stomach, arms, thighs and back. If you are finding exercise and diet aren’t addressing some stubborn areas of fat, mesotherapy is a good option. Some side affects to expect:
    • pain and swelling at the site of treatment
    • mild nausea (rare)
    • bruising (mild)
    Mesotherapy is very well tolerated and a session takes about 45 minutes. No special preparation is needed.
  • Clinical Counselling

    Welcome! Counseling improves mood, anxiety and relationship patterns when your own efforts to cope are not enough. Counseling is also a fit when you are in transition, feeling stuck or yearning for greater joy and meaning on your path. Difficulties addressed include anxiety, depression, grief, limited coping skills, and stress. Unhealthy relationship- and personality- patterns (e.g., self-sacrifice, abandonment, mistrust/betrayal, self-criticism, low self esteem) are also targeted. Parental guidance is provided when struggling with teens or children diagnosed with ADHD or autism-spectrum difficulties. In our first session we explore your symptoms, strengths, and situation. What we do next depends on your needs. I make recommendations tailored to you and we design a treatment plan. In cognitive behavior therapy, we use mood charting and assign pleasurable and relaxing activities that stabilize symptoms. In schema therapy, we go beyond symptoms to heal underlying core beliefs and traumatic memories. We use visualization and mindfulness based tools to address unconscious patterns that are not easily accessed via verbal therapy alone. Activities between sessions are tailored to you to create momentum. I take a practical approach in which I encourage you to try new things in a warm, collaborative relationship. I often consult with colleagues for a holistic approach to symptoms when appropriate. Telephone coaching is available to supplement sessions. Corporate workshops are available upon request.
  • Cosmetic Acupuncture

    To slow down the process of aging and to rejuvenate your skin, meanwhile optimizing your health.

On Site Tests

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