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Healing broken bones – Dr. Sarah Wulkan, ND

Sarah Wulkan BScHK

It happened and it was rather silly. My heel was caught in a stair, my ankle was inverted….crack! I fractured a bone in my foot. I usually run 4 to 5 times per week and enjoy playing tennis with friends so adjusting to this cast is a humbling experience.

My motivation to heal this foot quickly and safely has jump-started me into devising the most effective natural treatment plan:

  • Initially, I used ice to reduce inflammation and elevated my foot above my

heart as often as I could. My kids brought me snacks and I choose the TV shows, some benefits definitely!

  • The Emergency Medical doctor recommended the anti-inflammatory Advil to reduce inflammation, however, I chose to take Curcumin in capsule form, a natural anti-inflammatory. If dosed correctly, the effects are comparable.
  • Broken bones hurt! Although, Tylenol was a must day one for the pain, I switched to topical Arnica cream and an Arnica homeopathic to control the acute pain.
  • I have a wonderful friend/ colleague who administered acupuncture treatment shown to improve healing time, reduce inflammation and treat pain.
  • While enjoying much needed rest to heal, I applied a poultice of Comfrey herbs. This herb is widely used to treat sprain, strains or broken bones. I crushed the herbs up, added a couple tablespoon of hot water to make a paste, wrapped it in cheesecloth, applied the herbs to the broken area and secured the ends with elastic! I removed this preparation after 10 minutes and applied it no more than three times per day.
  • Rest is when our best healing happens. By going to bed an hour earlier, I am promoting healing and I sure feel better in general. Mommy is a little chipper in the morning and the kiddies sure appreciate it!
  • Acceptance and meditation allows me to slow down, be patient and appreciative of a slower and gentler pace.

Hopefully those of you who currently have or have experienced a sprain, strain or broken bone will have found this article helpful. As these are general recommendations, I advise visiting a healthcare provider for specific dosages, quality products and individualized treatment plans for healing.

Best in health,

Dr. Sarah Wulkan, ND