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The Gift of Health: 5 Wellness Minded Gift Ideas

The Gift of Health: 5 Wellness Minded Gift Ideas

By Dr. Elizabeth Miller, ND

The holiday season is upon as again, just as we share our thanks over a turkey dinner, we are on to finding the perfect heart-warming present! The holiday season for me has always been a time of appreciation for the people I love. It is about coming together to share memories and intention for another year of health and happiness.

Here are five gift ideas to help promote health, peace and tranquility over the holiday season:

  1. Health Cookbook– Colorful, taste-provoking recipes could be the motivating factor for positive dietary change. Oh She Glows has been longtime a staple in my household. For those newer to cooking with whole foods, the Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook is a great place to start.
  2. Tea Blend– Check out a health food store, or herbal dispensary for dried herbal infusion blends. Teas can be invigorating, calming, or a tasty calorie free substitute for holiday sweets. Some herbal dispensaries such as Finlandia Pharmacy will have their own proprietary blends to select from. When choosing a tea brand, organic is important as teas are often tested high in herbicides. I love the Teafarm from Duncan BC, and Silk Road Teas from Victoria, BC.
  3. Yoga Membership– Browse some studios within your neighborhood, most will offer an introductory month to let a new potential member try out the facility at a reduced rate, and maybe find a new passion! Another challenge for increasing exercise is an activity/step counter wristband
  4. Health Conscious Cosmetics– Cosmetics, and body care are commonly enjoyed holiday gifts. This year try choosing a health conscious brand! A review of the healthiest creams and makeups can be found through the Environmental Working Group, Skin Deep Cosmetic Database.
  5. Essential oil kit and diffuser – From health remedies, natural household cleaners, to aromatherapy, essential oil use is multifaceted. It is a chance to get creative while using natural alternatives. My current favorite for the season is peppermint oil! Sage Natural wellness has blends for natural health remedies, such Peppermint Halo for headache relief. Another local brand is Gypsy Botanicals focusing on balancing aromatherapy. Many essential oils are not for internal use; please consult a health care provider before taking internally.


Interested in more healing modalities? I am happy to help yourself, or your loved ones reach their health goals and feel their best self for 2017!

“Let’s have a good time improving the quality of our life” –Louise Hay