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Coming soon … Healthy Baby, Happy Moms Program!

Exciting news! Healthy baby, happy moms program soon to be rolled out at MDNC!

Just starting to consider getting pregnant? Difficulty getting pregnant? Miscarriage? New mom worried about being a new mom? I am in the process of developing a full spectrum program that will cover all phases of becoming a parent. The program will include targeted Naturopathic care for the pre-natal year, support throughout the pregnancy, as well as personalized care one year post-natal, for both baby and mom.

I’m excited to be developing a care plan specifically for moms-to-be and new moms. Over the next few months I’ll be working to put together all the extra training I have into a complete program for the benefit of my patients. Closer to January, I will have more specific details on what each part of the program will look like, but in the vein of thinking ahead, (hmm… Just like pregnancy…) I wanted to let you all know what is coming. This will allow my patients to have happier pregnancies and really enjoy the experience of becoming a parent.

I look forward to being able to reduce the stress on you during this really amazing milestone in your life. Don’t feel like you need to wait until January, call Marine Drive Naturopathic Clinic to book in with me (Dr. Lynn Klassen, ND) for your personalized program and for baby, too:-)