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Your Children’s Health – Perhaps clues are in their genes?

As many of you are aware, the concepts and science behind genetic testing have been expanding rapidly over the past several years. From the popular “23 and Me” test, to other tests, many individuals are turning to genetic assessments to help them gain a clearer picture of their health and health risks.

One area of genetic testing, called Nutrigenomix, looks at the relationship of your genes to foods, vitamins and minerals, among others. These measurements can be very informative in answering questions related to your health or more specifically, the health of your children.

I have seen over the years, children with repeat infections, allergy concerns, learning challenges etc. and have worked with parents to determine the causes for these challenges. Often times there are issues with food intolerance, GI infections, nutrient deficiencies but it is only recently that testing is available to determine if genes are at play as well.

These Nutrigenomix tests (45 genes) provide information if you or your children are genetically susceptible to issues with the following;
• Vitamins – A, B12, C, D, E, Folic acid
• Minerals – Calcium, Iron
• Food Intolerance – wheat and dairy
• Cardiovascular health
• Diabetes risk
• Weight management
• Physical performance

For example, if your child has recurrent respiratory infections and developed asthma and was found to have genetic issues in the way they handle vitamin C and D, this would be valuable to know such that you could supplement properly to help support the system, thereby minimizing infections and flares.

The test is easy to perform, requiring a sample of saliva that can be done at home and then shipped to the lab for analysis. Reports return with a very comprehensive profile that is easy to understand and formulate a plan for care.

These kinds of tests are a new frontier but I feel can be very valuable in creating a preventative and proactive response to health.
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In Health – Dr. Cameron McIntyre, ND