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Rosacea: Treating your skin flare ups naturally

Summer is just around the corner, and with it means glowing skin and enjoying the sunshine. If you suffer from acne rosacea, warm weather can worsen the inflammation on your skin and highlight the appearance of broken blood vessels, which causes rosacea. Rosacea is treated medically u
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Kale Salad with Dijon dressing

During my maternity leave I tried to think of creative ways to incorporate more nutrient dense foods into my diet, such as kale. I always thought of kale salad as being very fibrous and hard to digest. I stumbled upon baby kale leaves in the produce section and they have quickly becom
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Yellow Peppers Okay, Cauliflower No Way!

Are your kids as picky of eaters as mine? I was so excited when my son was ready to eat solids. I steamed and pureed and assortment of organic fruits and vegetables, all of which he spat out! At 6 years old, not much has changed and now his four-year-old sister follows suit! Although
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Spring Detox – Dr. Sarah Wulkan, ND

Spring Detox Spring is here and after a brutal winter, I can’t wait to shelve some winter “bad habits”! I have hit the reset button and feel energized to give my liver a vacation from working so hard having to detox all the wine, rich winter foods and sweets! The detox program I chose
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Dr. Elizabeth Miller ND Naturopathic Doctor

5 Tips For Working With Arthritis and Chronic Pain

Have you recently been diagnosed with arthritis? Or have accustomed your lifestyle around coping with chronic pain?  Whether you are new or seasoned to the condition, here are five lifestyle tips that can improve your day. Self-care not only brings ease, but autonomy in a condition th
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Sarah Wulkan BScHK

Healing broken bones – Dr. Sarah Wulkan, ND

It happened and it was rather silly. My heel was caught in a stair, my ankle was inverted….crack! I fractured a bone in my foot. I usually run 4 to 5 times per week and enjoy playing tennis with friends so adjusting to this cast is a humbling experience. My motivation to heal th
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Jennifer McClarty MEd RCC. Registered Clinical Counsellor

Refresh Your Life in 2017 with EMDR

Refresh Your Life in 2017 with EMDR By Jennifer McClarty, RCC Would you like to make some positive changes in the new year? If your resolutions for 2017 include improving your lifestyle, energy, mood, or self-confidence in some way, then EMDR could help you reach your goals. EMDR stan
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Sarah Wulkan Naturopathic Doctor

New Year’s Resolutions – Why not sticking to them is sabotaging our health – Dr. Sarah Wulkan, ND

New Year’s Resolutions – Why not sticking to them is sabotaging our health… Happy New Year! January is a wonderful time to reassess our health care goals, and use the motivation of starting 2017 to make healthy nutritional choices and exercise regularly. The fitness center
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The Gift of Health: 5 Wellness Minded Gift Ideas

The Gift of Health: 5 Wellness Minded Gift Ideas By Dr. Elizabeth Miller, ND The holiday season is upon as again, just as we share our thanks over a turkey dinner, we are on to finding the perfect heart-warming present! The holiday season for me has always been a time of appreciation
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Healthy Pregnancies Need Good Nutrition

Healthy Pregnancies Need Good Nutrition – By Dr. Lynn Klassen, ND Nutrition is one of the most important factors throughout a pregnancy that determines the health and happiness of both Mom and Baby. The nutritional needs of Mom dramatically increase and require more thoughtful d
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