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3 Ways to Manage Holiday Stress

3 Ways to Manage Holiday Stress by Jennifer McClarty, RCC Holiday season is here…while ‘tis the season to enjoy festivities, delicious food, and gatherings with friends and family, the holidays can also bring their share of stress. Our schedules often become busier as we struggl
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Vitamin IV image of fresh fruits in water

Vitamin IV Therapy – The Benefits

Boost your immune system Cold and flu season is upon us, so looking at measures we can take on a daily basis to support our immune system is important. Simply taking a multivitamin supplement is not enough – many of the vitamins we take in are water soluble, meaning that the bod
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Dr Lynne Klassen ND North Vancouver

The Preconception Year – Dr. Lynn Klassen, ND

The Preconception Year Getting pregnant rarely goes how you think it should go. Sometimes it happens easily and unexpectedly. Other times it just doesn’t happen, and not for a lack of effort. Some things are not under our control. Thinking about getting pregnant, ideally, would includ
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5 Ways to Boost Energy and Bust Stress

5 Ways to Boost Energy and Bust Stress by: Dr.Elizabeth Miller, ND Are you tired of being tired? Does your body need sleep, but your mind won’t rest? In a culture that demands increased productivity, it is common for us to over stretch our schedule between career, family and social ev
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5 natural ways to prevent colds and flus this season

5 natural ways to prevent colds and flus this season Written by: Cathryn Coe, ND Cold and flu season seems to have come early this year! This I have seen many cases involving sinus congestion and deep, unproductive coughs. Here are my 5 top health tips to prevents a cold or flu: 1. In
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Back to school – Some Food for Thought

By Dr. Cameron McIntyre, ND Back to school – Some Food for Thought – Are Undiagnosed Food Allergies Affecting your Child’s Academic Success? 3 Things to Consider……….. Well it’s that time of year again – the busiest month of the year for parents in my opinion – September! New schools,
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5 Ways to Boost Your Mood

It’s time to think about back to school and back to work for most people. Although September often feels like a fresh start, many individuals feel a “let down” after a busy and fun-filled summer. Here are 5 tips to boost your mood (written by Dr. Elizabeth Miller, ND
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Exploring Lyme Disease – A Hidden Epidemic

Exploring Lyme Disease – A Hidden Epidemic by Dr. Lynn Klassen, ND  Lyme disease has been a hot topic in the news lately with many celebrities like Avril Lavigne and Yolanda Foster disclosing their diagnosis. Even with all of this publicity many people still don’t know about th
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5 tips to help you stay hydrated this summer

5 Ways To Stay Hydrated This Summer The weather is heating up which means our need for hydration has increased. Reaching for sugary, caffeine fills drinks might sound delicious, but caffeine actually further dehydrates you! Here are my top 5 recommendations to improve your hydration:
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Male hormones

Poor libido? Depression? Loss of muscle mass? Consider a Male Hormone Panel…

Our hormones change throughout our lives, and this contributes greatly to our quality of life. A lot of focus is placed in the media on female hormones, hot flashes, and the effects of menopause in women. Men also experience changes in hormone levels, often termed andropause. Some of
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