What is Biopuncture?

Biopuncture involves the use of herbal products injected into specific areas of the body. Whereas acupuncture stimulates healing by bringing blood supply to the area, Biopuncture involves injection of these nutrients into areas of the body that require direct healing.

Who might benefit from Biopuncture?

Biopuncture might be recommended in the case of a cure injury, such as knee pain, to stimulate repair of the tissue. Biopuncture can also be used in the case of chronic conditions, such as eczema, metabolic syndrome, or sinusitis, where the body is resistant to supplements and dietary changes.

Service Offered By:

Dr. Belinda Capera, MD (Colombia), ND
Dr. Belinda Capera, MD (Colombia), ND
Naturopathic Physician (ND)


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