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Dr. Jordana Aziz, ND 

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Jordana Aziz, is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, a mother, and a teacher.  Her 2 permanent locations are in Kitsilano and North Vancouver. A Vancouver native, she is often found outdoors and active with her 2 beautiful girls.

Taking advantage of all Vancouver has to offer, hiking, swimming, biking, skiing and surfing ! A huge proponent of Nutrition as the Foundation of health,  Dr. Aziz offers workshops around the greater Vancouver area, Empowering the listener to take control of their health, their life, and their future.

Dr. Aziz came to Naturopathic Medicine through the adversities of health that her own daughter suffered as an infant. 13 years ago through Naturopathic medicine, Dr Aziz was able to bring healing to her own daughter, as well as the many hundreds of women and families who have walked through her door.

Education is the most powerful tool in your health, and Dr. Aziz spends each visit with you teaching about why we eat what we do, the impacts on our health, pharmaceuticals and their impacts, as well as the power of mindset and radical change.

Dr. Aziz offers consulting for private clients, workshops for larger businesses, and EMPOWERMENT to all of her patients.  Revolutionizing your health, through Education and Practice.

To learn more about Dr. Jordana Aziz, visit her website: drjordanaaziz.ca


Dr Jordana Aziz's practice focuses on the following areas: * Nutrition* Counselling * Emotional release therapy * IMS* Acupuncture* IV Therapy *Food Sensitivity Testing * Weight Loss * Hormone Health * Pediatric Care* Increasing Energy * Sleep Support * Adrenal Balancing * Exercise Prep and Recovery* Cardiovascular Health * Fertility * PreNatal Care* PostNatal Care * Birthing Support * Prescriptive Authority *