Do close relationships influence the course of chronic illness?

Do close relationships influence the course of chronic illness?

For most of us, our family offers us the most influential set of relationships we will likely have throughout our lifetimes, both as children and as adults. This is still true even if our relationships with our family aren’t particularly close or we did not grow up in families that we are biologically related to.

But how might our family relationships affect our health? And can family relationships interact with the chronic disease process? For instance, is it possible that these relationships influence whether we develop a chronic disease or not, how severe the symptoms are from a chronic disease, if we are able to resolve those symptoms or reverse the course of the chronic disease process entirely? The emerging answer from the latest scientific research seems to be a tentative “yes”.

On March 23rd and 24th, there is a wonderful opportunity to explore this topic in depth, with expertise from several leaders in the field of couple and family therapy and the emerging field of social genomics at St. Paul’s hospital.

This conference will consider how emotional process in the family can interact with the expression of certain genes in members of a family.

In addition, the conference will examine the possibility that changing patterns of family interaction may be able to alter the expression of genes linked to disease.

For more information on this conference, please check out the Conference Brochure. To register on-line, you can visit or contact [email protected] or at 604 833 8791.

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