5 Ways Acupuncture Helps Create A Lasting New Year Resolution

5 Ways Acupuncture Helps Create A Lasting New Year Resolution

5 Ways Acupuncture Helps Create  A  Lasting  New Year Resolution

Happy New Year!

As the New Year begins, many of us are making resolutions, and hoping to achieve goals. But, it isn’t always easy. How can we stay determined until the goals are reached? How can we have strong will-power to manage our body and mind for 2018. Well, Acupuncture can assist you in the direction of your goals. Acupuncture gives you energy and rejuvenation that will help you keep your new year’s promise because of the following reasons;

Promoting Qi production and circulation

Qi is life energy, and is constantly moving in our body. In the human body, there are twelve primary channels and eight extra ordinary vessels, as well as numberless small collaterals that Qi runs through, as water runs in a river. When Qi is abundant and, flows in good order in the its pathways, the person feels his/her body is lighter and more energized. In contrast, when Qi is stagnated, or even stops in a certain area, the person feels heaviness and pain in the body. With the pain and heaviness in the body, we don’t want to move, and fail to achieve our new year goal as a result.

In addition, Qi and blood are closely linked. When Qi moves, blood follows it. When Qi stops, blood also stops. Therefore, Qi circulation is important for blood circulation in the body. When we have sufficient blood circulation, we can keep good health.

Acupuncture assists Qi to flow well, and makes the body feel fresh. It will give you more energy to carry out your new years plan.

Balancing emotions and clarifying the mind

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the body and mind are intimately related, and affect each other through Qi. When the body is healthy, the mind is clear. When the mind has a negative emotion, the body becomes sick.

An example of the body and mind connection is seen through the relationship between the internal organs, and the five basic emotions. When there is stagnation of Qi in the liver for example, the person easily feels anger, and becomes cranky. Conversely, when a person gets mad, the emotion affects his/her liver negatively. Again, when the lung is weak, the person has a tendency to be more sad and gloomy. Thirdly, when the spleen doesn’t function well, the person suffers from overthinking and insomnia due to endless thinking. Forth, a person who has weak kidney function feels fear more easily, and is tends to be more impatient. As finally, with weakness in the heart, a person can experience mental symptoms such as depression or mania in severe cases.

A clear mind comes from balanced emotions, and the good emotions are made from a healthy internal condition. Acupuncture regulates the Qi of the internal organs, and as a result, the emotions. You will experience a clear mind for your 2018’s resolution with acupuncture.

Relaxation and deep breathing

In ancient Asian folklore, it is believed that the longevity of tortoises’, turtles, is a result of them breathing slower and deeper then other animals. We breathe Qi into our body, and receive energy each moment, and for deeper breathing, we need a relaxed body and mind. When we observe babies, we see they breathe into their lower belly. They breathe deeper because their bodies are more supple and tender. With deep breathing, let’s make ourselves energized for 2018. Acupuncture relieves tensions from your body, and allows it to refill with more fresh energy.

Free from pain

When we are in pain, we cannot think clearly, as we are hindered by the attention that the pain demands. Getting rid of pain is very important to improve our quality of life. A famous Asian health quote says, “when there is a blockage, pain appears, when there is no blockage, the pain disappears.” This insinuates that lasting pain is created by something that doesn’t flow well. The something is Qi, bio-electric current. As you know already, acupuncture opens the blockage and promotes Qi circulation. Reliving the pain is often the result.

Getting strong and confident

Many of the acupuncture points are used for strengthen Qi flow in the muscles and bones. For example, acupoint GB34 is one of the gallbladder points. It benefits the sinews and joints, and is one of my favorite points for seniors and people who have declining strength or soreness in their legs. Healthy muscles and bones give us overall strength and confidence. When we can move freely, and with confidence, we can get more out of life, and enjoy the activities we love.

Try acupuncture in 2018! Acupuncture will help support you in having a healthy body and clear mind, naturally!

In health,

Youna Kim R.Ac.  Visit my website to learn more about me: acupuncturenorthvancouver.com

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