3 ways Naturopathic Medicine can help your child right now!

3 ways Naturopathic Medicine can help your child right now!

As we are fully immersed in our winter season now with the holidays in the rear view mirror, I thought it important to touch on these 3 themes at this time of year:

1. Immune system

We are right in the eye of the storm of cold and flu season and some are fairing well while others are falling like dominos in a line.

We at MDNC offer a natural immune system booster that comes from Germany. It is an herbal preparation, not a vaccine, and comes in both an injectable and oral form.

We have been using this in the clinic for many years with good results. Good preventative medicine or can also be used to pull your child out of a cold state.

The other thought to address here is vitamin D status in your child. Vitamin D we often think about for its role in bone health but it plays a key role  in many body systems including the immune system. Low vitamin D status can cause poor immune function resulting in getting sick at the drop of a hat and staying ill for extended periods of time. Vitamin D testing requires a blood test and so this is something done in house or we can provide a requisition for completion at a local laboratory. A very important piece of information to know if your child is repeatedly ill. It may be a missing piece of the puzzle.

2. Allergies

While there is not much happening outside in the way of environmental allergies at this time of year, ongoing issues with undiagnosed food allergies can be a real bear in the system. We are all aware of food allergies that require you or your child to carry an epi- pen for example, but the lesser allergies or food intolerances can be just as pesky to the immune system. I often use the analogy of an army when speaking to parent’s about their child’s immune system.

There is only a certain number of troops in this So, if 50% of their troops are busy “food fighting”, there is only a remaining 50% to deal with everything else, including colds and flu. These lesser allergies and intolerances are often the cause of fragile immune systems in kids. Proper testing via a blood test (a finger prick is all that is required) will determine if this is an issue for your child and allow you to make dietary corrections to help get their systems on the right track.

3. Sleep

Becoming a bigger and bigger issue for kids these days. I am sure you are all aware that children are becoming hooked on electronic devices at younger and younger ages. These screens seem to be a living appendage for some kids – teens especially.

The screens of these devices emit “blue light” which can zap the energy of our mitochondria (our cell’s internal batteries) as well as alter brain wave function. Thus kids try to settle into bed but their brains are still in “go mode” from all of their screen time. This delays sleep schedules, alters proper sleep patterns and leaves both kids and parents in a lousy mood in the morning. Poor sleep compromises all body systems but really impacts immune function and mood. Hence with lousy sleep, your kids are “sick and tired” and slipping in their performance at school as well.

While it is up to us as parents to properly regulate screen time for our kids, some natural sleep aids may be required to help “reboot” the sleep patterns in your kids. Natural supplements like magnesium, melatonin, and theanine along with herbals like valerian, passionflower and lavender may all be considered in cases where kid’s sleep has been unfortunately “zapped”.

If any of these themes call to you as action items with your kids, I urge you to act sooner than later. A strong immune system, great dietary habits, and proper sleep go along way to insuring a smooth ride through this cold and flu season and beyond. Please contact the clinic at 604-929-5772 with any questions or to book an appointment.

In good health,

Dr Cameron McIntyre, ND

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