Acupuncture therapy can help strengthen your immune system to prevent illness

Have you ever heard about preventive acupuncture?

 On the human body surface, there are numberless acupuncture points that are connected with the central nervous system, and internal organs. When an acupuncturist puts a needle on a specific point, the needle stimulates, and strengthens the bio-electric current (Qi) in that area. These changes stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities, increase blood circulation, and promote physical and emotional well-being.

Acupuncture points that are commonly known for boosting the Immune System are:

  • Zusanli (ST36)
  • Quchi (LI11)
  • Qihai (REN6)
  • Lieque (LU7)

Zusanli (ST36)

Zusanli (ST36) is located below the knee. Stimulating it works to harmonise the Stomach function, and tonify the Qi. A good appetite and digestion are crucial for a healthy body. With good absorption of nutrients, our body gets vital energy for protecting us from external pathogenic factors. For this reason, Zusanli’s effect of harmonising the Stomach function is vital for strong immune system.

 Quchi (LI11)

Quchi (LI11) is a point located at the elbow. It is one of the points along the Large Intestine meridian. Modern health science now recognizes and emphasises the relation between our gut health, and immune system. Traditional Chinese Medicine has used Quchi (LI11) stimulation for boosting the immune system for centuries. Quchi (LI11) is known for clearing fever, and helping in the elimination process of external pathogenic factors.

 Qihai (REN6)

Qihai (REN6) is on the midline of the lower abdomen. ‘Qihai’ means ‘Sea of Qi’. As the name hints, stimulation of this point fosters Qi energy. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) calls the immune system as ‘Wei Qi’. This Wei Qi circulates the entire body to protect our body. By stimulating the Qihai (REN6), we can have stronger Wei Qi protection against bacteria and viruses.

 Lieque (LU7)

Lieque (LU7) is on the radial aspect of the forearm. Stimulating it helps to expels exterior pathogenic factors, and also promotes the function of the Lung. In TCM, the immune system, Wei Qi, is mainly regulated by the Lung and Large Intestine. Putting acupuncture needle on Lieque (LU7) helps to strengthen the Lung and Large Intestine.


In Korea and Japan, acupuncturists have also been doing direct moxibustion (burning dried mugwort on particular acupuncture points) on Zusanli (ST36) to boost immune strength and increase longevity. Direct moxibustion is a traditional technique considered to be very therapeutic, especially for the tonification of qi for the blood and immune system.

Benefits of Acupuncture therapy

One of the benefits of Acupuncture as a treatment is that it can be used proactively, helping to prevent illnesses before they arise or progress. Acupuncturists can deduce the patients’ health condition, and the way its progressing, from clues such as: the patients’ facial color, tongue appearance, pulse, body movement and range of motion, body shape and posture, and of course complaints from the patients themselves. Once its detected, the trajectory of a health condition can be treated in its infancy to prevent an illness that may be coming. This is one of the main virtues of Acupuncture.

 Youna Kim, R.Ac.



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