Massage therapy is an excellent tool to boost your immunity!


Emily Graydon Massage & ImmunityThe reason massage is beneficial for immunity is the very same reason why I am compelled to work as a massage therapist. It is simple. Innate and uncomplicated. Our bodies are our wisest teachers, and by taking care of them, we activate our own capacity to heal. By experiencing our bodies through massage, we can tap in to our vitality, and recognize areas that need our attentive care, thereby strengthening the overall system.

The reason a cold comes barging in after a stressful week of work, or a fight with our partner, or a poor night’s sleep- is because our energetic immunity is low. We compound stressors in our bodies and our systems aren’t up to the task of fighting off invasive pathogens. By nurturing our bodies through preventative healthcare, as opposed to hitting up our local drugstore for some NyQuil, we can avoid all kinds of disease. 

Massage is one of many tools that can equip us with strategies for strengthening our selves.

I like to notice patterns. In treatment, I always check in with clients in the assessment stage and inquire about the patterns in their life. Aches and pains are often the outcome of holding patterns that can result from habitual posture due to work, activities and hobbies. Oftentimes these can be emotionally and cognitively related.

Massage on a regular basis can aid in rewiring these patterns by bringing awareness back into the physical body.

I use a variety of massage techniques to release tension in muscles, as well as to address adhered connective tissues and to mobilize joints. I may suggest stretching and strengthening to bring balance back to functional movements. I may also discuss tips on how to hold body awareness in times of stress, high emotions, or mental fatigue. 

Regular massage will strengthen immunity from aches, pains and illness by strengthening neuromuscular connections, quite literally the neural pathway from brain to muscles. We live in a fast paced, traffic-jammed, technologically distracted, politically overwhelmed culture, and it is a challenge to embrace our bodies! So while the benefits of massage could and have been quantified down to the amount of CD4 cells (immune cells) pre & post 45 minute massage treatments, and yes, though those facts are quite fascinating, I am less analytical in approach and more nurturing. So book a treatment and come be nurtured! 

Emily Graydon, RMT.

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