September is Suicide Awareness Month

September is Suicide awareness month, yet the topic of suicide is often one that creates uncomfortable feelings, possibly because most individuals have had the thought of suicide at some point in their lifetime. This doesn’t mean that there was ever a plan to kill oneself, but the option was there, to minimize suffering. We are designed to protect and preserve ourselves, so when a situation arises that threatens our mental well being, we organically look for an escape, a way out, even if that means escaping from this world all together.

Fortunately, for many of us, there are factors that protect from taking that escape route (ie. supports systems such as friends and family). However, for some people, that support is not enough, and the thought of suicide poses a constant internal battle. The desire to take one’s life is often comparable to the level of unrelenting, excessive, internalized pain. A trained professional may be necessary to provide healing from the deeply routed suffering that is contributing to such intense agony.

Get Help Right Away

If you, or someone you know is dealing with thoughts of suicide, consider contacting the Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre of BC (Vancouver Crisis Centre) at 604-872-3311.

North Vancouver Counsellor

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