Reset Your Hormones This Summer

With the beautiful weather we have been having in Vancouver, it’s easy to reach for another scoop of ice cream or glass of wine – why not? You’re on vacation, and if not, you are covering for someone else’s vacation.

With all of the chances to indulge, summer is a great time to reset your hormones with healthy diet changes, sleep routines and exercise.

Reset Your Hormones

Having a 6 month old baby, I have been away from things like coffee and alcohol for over a year now. So in a way, I have a head start!

I love to begin a new diet program in the summer because salads, grilled fish, fresh vegetables, and tree ripened fruit are easy to prepare. So what would I recommend for a summer hormone reset?

Try the Whole 30 Diet

I’m a fan of the “Whole 30” diet plan. A month of no dairy, grains, legumes, sugar and alcohol clears your skin, improves energy, promotes healthy blood sugar levels, and leaves me feeling ready to tackle new projects in the fall.

Adjust Your Coffee Habits

  • Switch your coffee to organic coffee, or decaf swiss water process organic coffee. Coffee is an expensive resource, and can be heavily sprayed.
  • Our reliance on fancy kitchen coffee gadgets can mean exposure to plastics which act as endocrine disruptors or agents that negatively alter hormone levels and fertility, for example.
  • Use unbleached coffee filters, or consider a french press.

Marine Drive Naturopathic Clinic Programs and ServicesEat Seeds

Increase consumption of ground flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds. These seeds contain nutrients that help to regulate the anterior pituitary gland, the gland that regulates sex hormones and the thyroid gland. Consuming these on a regular basis can ease hot flashes, regulate menstruation, and enhance fertility. The ground flaxseed also helps to clear harmful estrogens from the body, by way of healthy elimination.

Get Tested

Consider “Nutrigenomix” testing, which measures 44 markers from your saliva sample, including tolerance to caffeine, salt, saturated fats, and tendency to vitamin deficiencies. Several patients have lost weight just by knowing they cannot tolerate alot of caffeine.

Listen to a recent radio interview with Dr. Coe to learn more about Nutrigenomix testing.

Get Enough Sleep

Try to go to bed by 10PM, and wake up earlier to plan your day.

Meal Plan

I love to wake up early, sit with my son while I flip through healthy cooking magazines (he like to crinkle the pages) and plan my healthy meals for the week.

This cuts down on the tendency to order take out for dinner and allows me to organize the groceries to need for the week.

Dr Coe

Not sure where to start? Consider a consultation to help you reset your hormones and achieve your health goals. Book your appointment online: here.

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