SIBO: Wondering what might be causing your IBS symptoms?

What’s that Tummy Rumble?

Have you been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome?

Do you experience bloating, heartburn, extreme gas, or nausea? Do you feel like something is out of balance yet testing has come back normal? Trying to navigate the source of discomfort can be confusing and often frustrating.

SIBO is the Number One Cause of IBS

The number one cause for IBS is an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine, also known as SIBO. While IBS is a broad definition for a group of symptoms, SIBO is a condition with a specific cause.

There are naturally trillions of bacteria that line the gut, however an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine will cause increased fermentation, which equals that painful gas and bloating. There can be several causes for this overgrowth, which include a history of gastroenteritis, abdominal strictures, stress, brain injury, poor diet and medication use.

SIBO and IBS stomach pain

SIBO Testing

Digestive disturbances are the primary symptoms of SIBO, however associated conditions include non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, rosacea, chronic anemia, interstitial cystitis and autoimmune conditions.

A take home breath test measures the level of fermentation of specific bacteria by the gas they produce. From this testing a specific treatment plan is chosen to kill the causative bacteria, and reset your digestive system.

At Marine Drive Naturopathic Clinic I offer lactulose breath testing. After a proper diagnosis is established we will start working on the three-step plan to feeling like a new you.

SIBO and Food Sensitivity – Summer Promotion

New and existing patients can take advantage of SIBO testing combined with a food sensitivity panel for the month of July and August – only $460 – a savings of $50! Contact the clinic for more information.

by Dr. Elizabeth Miller, ND

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