Yellow Peppers Okay, Cauliflower No Way!

Are your kids as picky of eaters as mine? I was so excited when my son was ready to eat solids. I steamed and pureed and assortment of organic fruits and vegetables, all of which he spat out! At 6 years old, not much has changed and now his four-year-old sister follows suit!

Although sometimes frustrating, it has challenged my creative-skills to get veggies into my kids. Here are some of my successes:

  • Grate cauliflower into their favorite organic beef spaghetti sauce recipe, none-the wiser.
  • Add a healthy handful of spinach into a yummy very berry yogurt smoothie, the key is to hide the blender in front of you so no kid sees ‘green’.
  • Sautee two sweet potatoes, carrot, onion and an apple in coconut oil then puree until smooth. My kids love this soup!
  • Spread almond butter on celery then add a row of raisins…frogs on a log!
  • CANDY baby carrots. I choose a variety of fun colors and sautee in coconut oil then finish with a tablespoon of organic honey.
  • Turkey Sliders are a hit in my house! I finely dice celery, carrot and garlic in my meat mix and once grilled to golden brown the veggies can’t be detected.


I find when my kids help me in the kitchen and we have fun, they feel happier to try new things. They may disapprove but at least they tried. Don’t give up!


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